Hello PokeFans!

The ROM hack that you are looking at right now was made for you. You, who put hours, days, months, and even years into the Pokemon franchise due to the entertainment it provides. It’s timeless comedy, action-packed battles, and immersive game play pushes you to come back for every entry. The people here at Team DG hope to preserve these values, and we hope you give us a chance.

About the game

Pokemon Destiny Grey is a story about the human character. It provides insight into what drives us, be it friendship, vengeance, love, hate, or ambition. It attempts to fathom even the most unfathomable human emotions, and provide their expositions; their roots.

We decided to undertake this task through the story of Red, the Pokemon trainer whose fate was left to the speculation of the players who carried him along his journey. We took it upon ourselves to give back to the community, with our take on how he escaped that mountain, regained his identity, and arrived at his newest destination- Alola.

When he reached the top of that mountain, his story met the stories of two other young trainers; A young man by the name of Grey, and a young woman by the name of Lavender.

This is where our story begins.

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