Welcome to the site!

After days of work, practice, and procrastination, here is the website! In order to help you guys have the best possible experience, the most important information pertaining to the site will be held in this post. Without further delay, here’s the boring stuff 😛

  • In order to run this operation best, we’ve decided to only open up donations and downloads when we have AT LEAST 3 gyms done so that you know that you aren’t trashing your money. For that reason, we will have forums temporarily set up on a different site which we will link to when up and running. Our sincere apologies.
  • The project itself is being done primarily by N1ghtmare at the moment, and public relations is being taken care of by Elexon6273. For this reason, we are currently in search of mappers, scripters, and spriters DESPERATELY! If you are looking to build a resume or a reputation in ROM Hacking, this is your opportunity! We will be grateful to anyone willing to help.
  • Due to the constraints listed in the previous bullet, it may take upwards of a month for one map to be done alone, excluding scripting. We are, however, having extremely proficient progress story wise. We are approaching the end of writing the story up to the end of the third gym, and you can expect it to be finished by the end of June latest. You can, however, expect this site and our forums to be active at a minimum of once a week, despite the slow progress. We will provide you with anything we had been working on that week, including problems. If you know how to resolve some problems we discuss, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Our business twitter should be up by the end of the month.
  • This month’s work will be dedicated mainly to the completion of the main character and rival sprites, as well as the setup of our twitter and forum. Please look forward to these checkpoints in development.

That’s all Folks! Thanks for checking in, and stay connected to the website for all the new info on our project. See ya!

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